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Construction Restroom Trailer

If you're searching for a construction restroom trailer, check out our construction bathroom rental products. We serve the entire state of Connecticut and surrounding areas!

Construction Bathrooms & Long-term Rentals

construction restroom trailer
Our restroom trailers can be used at construction sites where customers need to use the toilets since there is construction going on in the normal restrooms.

Construction sites often require temporary restrooms for workers and visitors, and luxury restroom trailers can provide a comfortable and convenient option for customers who need to use the toilet during construction. They offer amenities such as flushing toilets, sinks with running water, air conditioning and heating, and lighting. Some luxury restroom trailers also include features such as marble countertops, chandeliers, and fresh flowers.

The trailers can be parked on the construction site and can be connected to a power source and sewer connection. They can be used as a temporary solution while the construction work is being done on the permanent restroom.

Additionally, our restroom trailers can also be a great option for construction sites where the permanent restrooms are not yet completed, and for sites where the restroom needs to be expanded to accommodate a large number of people.

Overall, our Full moon USA restroom trailers can be a great solution for construction sites, providing a comfortable and convenient option for customers and visitors who need to use the toilet during construction.

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